Monday, 11 April 2011

i'm confusing...

Right now i feel very tired..coz i have lots of work to be finish..i'm trying to be cool n that i can finish all my work by day are passing very just left only 1 month ++ to complete my fourth semester in UUM..

Through this 4 months I'm in UUM, i feel very,very,very,,,tired coz i have been facing all such duties that i taken...but i try to be strong faced all the problems,,,but I'm only a person who have all weaknesses,,,until one time i felt like want to give up...but i try keep on motivate myself and ask my mothers adviced for me to be more stronger to faced all the problems..

Now,at this time I'm already feel a little bit better from before..i can smile and laugh,i feel enjoyed whenever i'm with my,i hope that i can continue this feeling until the rest of my life...

think positive and act wisely..i know that i can do it....chaiyokk2=)